Friday, July 29, 2011

Westgate Area Water Improvements

Representatives from the Kent County Road Commission, Dykema Excavating, the Plainfield Water Department and Alpine Township met with engineers from Prein & Newhof  Thursday morning to discuss the progress of the water improvements project in the Westgate area of Alpine Township.  Much discussion focused on lawn reparation which up to this point is considered totally unacceptable. While heat and insufficient watering may have contributed to poor lawn replacement, the quality and quantity of top soil needs to be looked at again.  There was also concern expressed about the length of time it was taking to repair certain street corners, particularly the corner of Westgate and Westshire, where work was started about six weeks ago.  Part of the reason for this is a delay in getting positive test results of the water quality.   Bad results could cause the road to be closed again.  The Kent County Road Commission is anxious to restore that intersection at the earliest possible time.  Hopefully in early September, lawn reparation will be revisited by the sub-contractor. 

Regarding driveway reparation, most residents have been pleased.  The actual water pipe replacements is also coming along on schedule.  The residents in this neighborhood have been more than patient with all the construction and the frustrations that can go along with such a project.  Alpine Township, and all those involved, wish to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and support.  Anyone with issues or questions can direct them at the Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends at 616-784-1262 or e-mail

While the old water mains are replaced by new ones as each section is completed, there will not be a significant change in water pressure until the entire project is completed.  That date has now been projected sometime in September.  There are still a number of residents who have not picked up and installed their water pressure reducing valve. It is suggested that those who received a letter earlier this year to pick up their PRV at the Township office do so at their earliest convenience and make arrangements to have them installed.

Reviewing progress of the Water Improvement Project

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