Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lamoreaux Ave. Improvements

One of Kent County's first bicycle paths was built along Lamoreaux between Alpine Ave. and West River Road.  Although it was mostly four feet wide, there were some areas that that were much narrower because of telephone or electrical poles that were in the way, or simply because there was no room.  State and Federal restrictions in those days were far less than what they are today.  Alpine Township officials recently looked at the path with the hope that perhaps sections of it can be restored as their budget will allow.  In the meantime Alpine Township, the Kent County Road Commission, and the Marquette Rail Road are jointly funding repairs to that section of the path crossing the rail road tracks that was eliminated when the Marquette Railroad improved the rail road crossing signs last year.  This project is currently under construction and should be completed in a few days.  The cost to the Township is approximately $5,000.  A special thanks to the home owner for allowing the easement.

Day I

Day II

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  1. On September 10 2013 Alpine Township's Lamoreaux Sidewalk project will begin with a completion date set for October 18. It will connect the existing sidewalk in Plainfield Township to Alpine Ave. (South side of the street)