Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having fun at the Sports Complex

Enjoyed most of the day at the Alpine Township Sports Complex.  There was more Youth Baseball.  A tournament with teams of 10 year olds that came in from Lansing, Jackson, and even Metro Detroit.  This was the second day of the tournament.  The championship game featured teams from Grand Rapids, as it was a close contest beween the Grand Rapids Elite and the Grand Rapids Diamonds.  The Diamonds prevailed.

In the meantime, there was plenty of soccer action with games from 4-5 year olds to adults.  There were also 6 all women teams scheduled to play.

After the baseball, there was still time for softball playoffs as the Catholic Men's Parochial (35 and over)  took over the fields.  Best of all, the rains stayed away both days. 

Enjoy the pictures

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Umping at the baseball games was Alpine grown Tom Brechting

The Grand Rapids Diamonds - Tournament Champions!

Second Place Winners, the Grand Rapids Elite

Men's  Parochial League (over 35) Softball

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