Monday, May 2, 2011

Alpine Plainfield Water Project in Progress

You may not be able to tell from the weather that May has arrived, but you can from the fact that work has begun replacing the watermains along five streets in Westgate Village in Alpine Township.  Work crews were spotted this morning on Stony Creek Street by Lamoreaux Ave. Following is a tentative schedule of construction:

Stony Creek       May 2  (7 days)
Lantern              May 11 (7 days) from Stony Creek to school
Brandywyne       May 20 (8 days)
Lantern              June 1  (7 days)  from school to Westgate
Westgate           June 10 (22 days)
Westshire          July  12 (14 days)

The construction schedule was coordinated with the Kent County Road Commission to make sure that the three main roads into the southern part of the Westgate Area were not all being worked on at the same time. We also coordinated with Comstock Park Schools to minimize inconvenience to school busses, and keeping construction away from Maranatha Bible Church when Maranatha Bible Camp is operating June 13 - 23.  Individual driveways will be closed during the day as water main is constructed across the driveway but at the end of the work day should be restored to a drivable condition. The driveways will then be closed for a second short period of time to restore the driveway pavement. It is anticipated that the intersection of Westgate Drive and Westshire Drive will be completely closed for a time period in the later part of the construction time frame due to the multiple water main installation and connections required in the intersection. The water system pressure increase will occur after the water main improvements are complete

Please note that construction time frames on individual streets are approximate and can be impacted by weather and other conditions.

Work  began this morning at Stony Creek St. near Lamoreaux Ave.
The Construction crew "dug" right in
A little bit further up the street crews were remiving some trees and brush.

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