Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Touring Reindeer Make Stop at Alpine Township Library

About forty children were on hand at the Alpine Township  Branch of the Kent District Library as several reindeer arrived tonight.  It was all part of a tour sponsored by the library.  The children enjoyed not only seeing the reindeer but also being able  to touch and pet them.  Several of Santa's helpers were on hand to answer questions from the audience.  Those present learned that the reindeer are generally found in Scandinavia.  Also interesting to learn was that the average life span of a reindeer is approximately 14 years, although it is 10 years in Scandinavia, due to worse weather conditions..  One of the children asked if these reindeer coud fly, and was informed that in order for the reindeer to fly, they need special sprinkling dust that only Santa can provide.  The reindeer were provided by Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farms in Clare, Michigan.  Kids who stopped in the library were treated to a candy cane

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