Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Breakfast at the Township

Alpine Township Employees coming to work this morning were treated to breakfast thanks to the generosity and cooking skills of Alpine Township Assessor Betty Keeling.  Betty must have arrived well before dawn, as employees arriving at work were welcomed by the wonderful aroma of eggs with sausage and other ingredients made on a skillet, baked oats, and coffee. The food tasted absolutely fantastic and everyone was happy with the oppportunity of fellowship.  Thanks, Betty!

Betty Keeling prepared and provided breakfast for the entire staff.


Those who appreciated Betty's Christmas gesture were from left to right:  Gary Campbell, Pat Kolkman, Alex Arends, Beth Alt, Sue Thomas, Jim Townsend, Ron Christian, Jean Wahlfield, and Julie Burelski.  Betty is in the foreront.  Missing in the picture are Bob Devereaux and Erin Randall.

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