Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shop with the Sheriff

Shop with the Sheriff is just another program that demonstrates the high level of dedication offered by the officers and staff of the Kent County Sheriff Department. 65 local children were selected by local schools and community service agencies to join deputies and other officers from the Sheriff Department to do some serious shopping.  The kids shared a ride with the officers from Sam's Club's parking lot and were dropped off at the doorstep of the Walmart store,  40 police vehicles were counted with sirens and lights on, creating a parade type atmosphere.  On their way in, the kids received a $100 gift card for them to use with the stipulation that 75% or more be spent on clothes, shoes, and sundries. Once inside the store, they were met by Santa and his elfs.  Santa also had plenty of helpers, in fact there were enough deputies on hand to assist all of the young shoppers.

Alpine Township commends the Kent County Sheriff's Department,  the deputies who patrol our Township, our community policing officer Nate Ertle, the generous donors from the community, and Walmart for their contribution and participation.

 40 Sheriff vehicles lined up by Sam's Club at 7:30 am.

 Deputies awaiting the arrival of the 65 kids

 Sheriff vehicles almost surround Walmart

 Some of the kids and deputies surrounding Santa

 Santa picked up a few things as well; things he forgot to take when he left the North Pole
 Outerware was in big demand

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