Tuesday, July 30, 2013

State Legislators Meet with Local Officials

State Representatives Rob VerHeulen and Pete McGregor met with Township, City and  Public Safety Officials Tuesday morning to receive public input on recently proposed state legislation that would increase or establish new fees for the licensing of emergency medical services operations and education providers.  House Bill 4785 would significantly impact the budget of fire or public safety departments, particularly those with on-call staffing and could actually punish those departments that offer increased training or have Emergency Medical Technicians on their staff.  Both representatives serve on the House Ways and Means Committee and both have backgrounds in local government.  They listened attentively to  comments from the audience. While most felt the need for increased funding for maintaining the current licensing and regulation of emergency medical services, responders, and vehicles was real, they felt that the fees suggested by the House Bill  were far too excessive and should perhaps be appropriated from a source different than local government that is providing a service to the public and may already be financially strapped.  For those interested, the bill can be accessed here.

Rob VerHeulen (74th District) and Pete McGregor (73th District)

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