Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes in My Backyard

"Not in my backyard, you won't" is often the public outcry when homeowners are approached about utility work inside of near their property lines.  In Alpine Township, residents living near Strawberry and York Creeks have been nothing short of cooperative and helpful  as aging sewer trunk lines along those creeks are being replaced with new ones.  We appreciate all the cooperation that is being received despite the inconvenience that it is causing many of our home owners.  When the dust settles and the work is complete we should be good for a long time.  One of the reasons some of the trunk lines were in terrible shape is that the sewers have been inaccessible to man and machinery due to heavy tree and brush growth on top of the easements.  The Township hopes to keep the easements clear for easier accessibility in the future.  Thank you, good neighbors!
Work on Strawberry Creek by Westshire Ave

This looks more like a storage facility than a backyard
Literally in a good neighbor's back yard
Westgate Park remains closed and looks more like a staging area.

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