Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plans for Median Closings along M-37 Shared with Public

Staff members from the Michigan Department of Transportation were on hand at the Alpine Township Hall Wednesday night with laid out plans for closing the M-37 median at 8 Mile and 9 Mile Roads. This will force all traffic coming from 8 Mile  and 9 Mile Roads to have to turn right.  Those vehicles wishing to continue on those streets would have to then make a "Michigan U Turn" and then turn a right again.  Similar median closings occurred recently along Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale, Chicago Drive in Georgetown Township, and the East Beltline in Grand Rapids.  There is not enough justification for stop lights at these locatons, yet trucks with long trailers and farm equipment can end up stopped in the middle of the intersection leaving portions of the trailer or equipment exposed to oncoming traffic.  It is believed that although the number of accidents may not be affected, the severity of accidents could be greatly reduced.

About a handful of concerned residents showed up to learn more about the plans.  Not everybody was is support of the changes but all had the opportunity to share their thoughts with MDOT and suggest some modifications for consideration.  The project is slated for completion by the end of June and should have little affect on inbound and outbound M-37 traffic during busy commuting hours.

MDOT Staff

County Road Commissioner Fritz Wahlfield and Alpine Township Trustee Bill Schweitzer dropped by

It was a good opportunity for one on one discussion

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