Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making Tough Jobs Look Easy

Spreading 50 cubic yards of playground wood chips in the playground at the Alpine Township Sports Complex would have taken the grounds keeper hours if not days to complete.  Thanks to the time and equipment donated by Township Trustees Ron Cordes and Jim May and their sons, the project only took a few hours to complete.  In addition to the wood chips, a large quantity of gravel was brought in and spread around the softball dugouts.  Not only did this spruce up the facility, but it eliminated a number of safety hazards

Brouwer Tree Service removed a number of dead trees that could pose a hazard over the bridge and entrance to the Alpine Township Offices and Library on 6 Mile Road NW and Alpine Ave.  This will pave the way for the Township to do some repair work on the bridge, which is beginning to show some signs of deterioration.

Fire Station #2 on 7 Mile Road NW is receiving a face lift, which includes the construction of an additional bay to house an emergency vehicle.  Additional repair is also planned for the parking lot.  Also planned for this month is the painting of the exterior of the Alpine Township Historical Museum

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