Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Fling until Spring

Westgate Park may be closed until next spring but it is a great place for a little tranquility this time of the year.
The Immigrant Soccer League ( Liga De Inmigrantes de Fusbal) finished their play at the Alpine Township Recreational Sports Complex by playing it's championship game and the presentation of trophies and awards. The championship game was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation and ended in a shoot out, won by team Inter De Leon, The team is made up with immigrants from El Salvador, Guatamala and Mexico.

The game saw lots of action but little scoring
Spectators had to dress warm as there was the threat of snow in the air,

The following pictures tell all

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A great effort but this penalty shot ended up in the back of the net. Despite this goal, Inter De Leon won the game.

Team Inter De Leon celebrates its victory.

Pride in victory and heritage

The families get to share in the celebration

Lots of trophies, this one for the League's best goal keeper

One last salute to the champs from team Inter De Leon, trohies in hand. See you next year!

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