Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bus Extrication Training

Alpine Township was the venue for hands-on training on Bus Extrication presented by Rescue Resources LLC Michigan Dealer of GENESIS Extrication Tools. About twenty five members of seven West Michigan Fire Departments attended an all Day training session Saturday at Alpine Fire Station 3, 610 9 Mile Rd NW.

It is a scenario no fire fighter welcomes but the need to be trained for an occasion involving a bus accident is very real and tools can be a danger without proper training. The session was physically strenuous, and firefighters worked in shifts. The school bus was donated by Kenowa Schools and was ready to be scrapped, and volunteer students from City High school served as accident victims trapped in the bus. The training was organized through Jeremy Kelly and the Alpine Fire Fighters Association.

In this scenario, several students are pinned inside the bus and fire department personnel are unable to reach them

Rescue workers will have to cut through the top of the bus making sure their action does not result in and further disturbance caused injuries

It may look easy but it required precision cutting, extreme caution and strenuous excercise

It took well over an hour to remove the stabelized "injured victim" from the bus
Rescued at last, and back on his feet after just a few minutes

All the accident victims were just fine after the excercise

Alpine Township Fire Lieutenant Jeremy Kelly briefs reporters from FOX TV17 WOOD TV8

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