Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrating 50 Years at Alpine Mobile Village

Tucked away just east of a busy M-37 Alpine Ave near Alpine Church Street is the peaceful and relaxed mobile home park "Alpine Mobile Village".  The park is conveniently located near local restaurants and shopping, and some of the residents have lived there for decades.  One of the residents visited during a celebration Saturday recently returned for a third stay. 
The park is owned and operated by Marlene Plummer.  Fifty years ago, Marlene and her late husband purchased and developed the property.  Fortunately the 1968 tornado passed the area before any mobile homes were planted, and it has been peaceful ever since.
Like other mobile home communities and apartments in Alpine Township, Alpine Mobile Village is a crime free multi-housing community.  Residents love it there, and many came together today in celebration of the annual picnic.  In addition to great food, residents enjoyed games for both children and adults.  All kids that were registered for the event received a nice prize,  Marlene Plummer is very proud of the community she hosts.  There may have been offers to purchase the property by investment and management groups but so far nobody has succumbed to such pressure, keeping Alpine Mobile Village a real asset to the community.  Happy 50th Anniversary!

Grand daughter and great grandchildren of the Plummers

Some of the owners who have lived there for years

Nancy and Alice love living at Alpine Mobile Village

Bean ball game for kids

One of the nice prizes for the kids,  batteries included. Everyone was a winner.

Meeting and making friends

Mike and his roommate

Marlene Plummer with Ninja from Golden Corral who delivered cotton candy for every one


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