Saturday, January 18, 2014

York Creek Community Center Offers Opportunities for Service

Sparta Adult Education Staff Jennifer Grimm
and Brian Hackert
For Sparta Community Education, the new York Creek Community Center is the ideal place to host ESL(English as a Second Language) for adults wishing to learn English.  This Saturday afternoon, numerous York Creek residents had the opportunity to sign up for upcoming classes there, as well as classes to help gain residents their GED (General Education Development Test). 
Sparta Community Education was one of a number of churches and community service organizations that took advantage of the Grand Opening of the York Creek Community Building to create awareness about their programs.  Also present were representatives of TLC, the organization that offers church services every Sunday at 5:00, and an opportunity for fellowship and counseling, Comstock Park Schools, and Alpine Township. which provided a slide show about the numerous neighborhood activities that transpired over the past year.
Special guests included Mr. and Mrs. Paul Land and other staff members of Land  and Co. For more information on how Land and Company interacts with the community, go to

Jennifer and Kim

Jennifer, Hope and Jackie

Maranatha Church acquainting residents with some of their programs

Alpine Township Planning Commission member Mike O'Malley (r) learning about  Family Outreach

A festive Sign on the Door

Missi McPherson and Gregoria Martin with Comstock Park Schools

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Land and grandson

One of the visiting families


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