Saturday, February 23, 2013

One of Our Own Prized Arts


 A few years ago,following an estate sale, we came across an old framed and unsigned painting that was about to be trashed.  It had been a gift from one person to a neighbor, who had given it to her mother who had tucked it in her basement for the next thirty years.  The painting turned out to be a local landscape and was hung for display at the township offices.  As  local resident Elsa Skeins came in the office one day to pay her taxes, she was surprised to see her old "masterpiece" on the wall, a work she completed when she first took up painting as a hobby.
Elsa still paints.  She is one of half a dozen local women artists who get together every Monday afternoon at Zion Lutheran Church.  Her paintings are beautiful and she recently allowed the Township to display a few of the paintings she has completed in more recent years.  They will be on display for a few weeks, until warm weather arrives, at which time they will be decorating her own home.
A few years ago, we featured scenery painted by local artist Sheryl Budnik.


The Water Mill in Comstock Park

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