Monday, March 26, 2012

Manager of Alpine Meadows Mobile Village Praised by Law Enforcement

Following are excerpts from a letter written by  Kent County Sheriff Deputy Nate Ertle recognizing Alpine Meadows Mobile Village Manager Dawon Hamblin.   Alpine Meadows Mobile Village reduced the number of  complaints requiring a response significantly over the past two years.
“I am writing to express my appreciation for the work that Dawn Hamblin has done at the Alpine Meadows community.  I have worked with Alpine Township through the Kent County Sheriff’s Department for the last several years to reduce calls for service and improve communication with multi-unit housing developments in Alpine.

Since Dawn has become the manager (of Alpine Meadows Mobile Village at 3800 Fruitridge NW)  I have noticed a positive change in the community.  The residents that are involved in the Neighborhood Watch program have made positive comments about their quality of life concerns being addressed and  having  Dawn follow up on concerns before they become an issue that the Sheriff’s Department has to respond to.”

“I appreciate the work that Dawn has done for this community and wanted to let you know that you, (Sun Communities) have a wonderful employee that obviously cares about improving Alpine Meadows."

Dawn Hamlin

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