Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kent County Road Commission Celebrates 100th Anniversary

The Kent County Road Commission invited local municipalities  to join them in celebrating theit 100th anniversary by hosting an open house this past Thursday at their complex on Scribner Ave.  The Kent County Road Commission was established in 1911 by what was then the Kent County Board of (Township) Supervisors.  Roads where still maintained by staff using horse and buggies, and it was not until 1925 that the Road Commission purchased it's first truck.  One of the four main  roads first maintained was Alpine Avenue.  Alpine Township is very proud of the County Road Commission and the relationship the two organizations have maintained over the years.

KCRC Administrative Clerk Chris and Alpine Township Clerk Jean Wahlfield

KCRC Director of Maintenance and Alpine Township resident Jerry Byrne with Alpine Township Treasurer Jim Townsend

KCRC former part time employee Jennifer Byle with her dad, KCRC employee Tom Byle and Bill Byrne

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