Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop, Drop and Roll

Stop Drop and Roll. it is a single released by New Zealand hip hop artist, Mareko in 2003. It is also something preschoolers learned to do Tuesday morning at the Alpine Township Library program. Library Manager Laura Weld and Fire Chief Ron Christians were on hand to conduct the program and the children also had the opportunity to get familiar with the fire truck.

Stop Drop and Roll is the response fire personnel teach people to do if their clothing catches on fire. While children are usually tought this at school, nobody is too young to learn, and you can teach your children at home too.
1. Explain to your child you are going to go over some fire safety lessons, and that you are going to teach them what to do if their clothes ever catch fire
2. Teach your child that Stop, Drop and Roll can save their lives if their clothes ever catch on fire.
3. Tell your child that if their clothes ever catch on fire they need to stop whatever they are doing and drop to the ground.
4. Demonstrate to your child how to drop and then roll.
5. Teach your child to cover his mouth and nose while rolling, to protect his airways from damage
6. Practice Stop, Drop and Roll at home with your child. Tell them that if they see anyone else's clothes catch fire, to yell "Stop, Drop and Roll" and to find an adult and call 911.

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