Friday, January 8, 2010

High Speed Chase?

Several rumors have been circulating regarding unusual activities at Walmart a few Sundays before Christmas last year. One of the rumors is that the Kent County Sheriff's Department got involved in a high speed chase that ended up on the Walmart parking lot. Witnesses reported seeing as many as 30 Sheriff's patrol cars there. Other witnesses reported that sheriff deputies were actually chasing a low flying vehicle and caught up with it as it landed on Walmart's parking lot.
Much commotion at the Alpine Township Walmart on Sunday morning, December 13
After further investigation it was determined that all of this was part of the "Shop with the Sheriff" program that was sponsored by the Kent County Sheriff's Department who took nearly 60 kids to Walmart that morning and gave them the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for family members. This year, Kent County Sheriff's Department personnel raised $13,000 in cash for this program, which is in part co-sponsored by the Alpine Township Walmart.

Deputies Lude (left) and Marcella (right) with new found friends

Lt. Kelley (right) with Santa and friends

Sgt Kok (right) with Santa and friends

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