Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alpine Township - We Are Still Growing

Fruit Ridge or "the Ridge" is a topographical land feature located NW of Grand Rapids, Michigan and considered to be an agricultural mecca. The glaciers of long ago left behind gently rolling slopes. The deposits were fertile clay loam soils with excellent moisture holding qualities that provided great soil and terrain for the growing of premium fruits, vegetables and the raising of livestock, including buffalo.Approximately 8 miles wide by 20 miles long, the Fruit Ridge is regarded as one of the prime fruit-growing regions in the world. Elevations greater than 800 feet and its location (about 25 miles from Lake Michigan), creates a unique climate (ideal growing and moderate winters) for fruit production. The Ridge supplies 40 % of the states (Michigan) apples. An estimated 66% of the Ridge lies in Kent County, all within 20 miles of downtown Grand Rapids."The Ridge" is an area of 158 square miles (8 miles wide and 20 miles long) covering 7 townships and 4 counties: Kent (Alpine, Sparta, Tyrone), Newago (Ashland), Muskegon (Casnovia) and Ottawa (Chester and Wright). To learn more, please look at Ridge Economic Agricultural Partners (REAP) website, from which this information was obtained. To get a list of markets in the area, and days and hours of operation, please check here.
Saturdays, Fruitbasket Flowerland hosts a Farmers Market on it's parking lot, and attracts farmers from as far away as Fremont. This week, strawberries are plentiful as evidenced by the attached pictures taken at Dunneback & Daughters, and Morse Farms.

Pictured Above are operations at the Morse Strawberry Farm. Click on pictures to enlarge

Pictured above are operations at the Dunneback & Daughters Farm

This was this year's first week of the Farmer's Market at Fruitbasket Flowerland

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