Friday, May 22, 2009

You Are Invited

Clean Air Action information will be on display at the Alpine Township Center, 5255 Alpine Ave. NW, during regular office hours from Tuesday June 1 – Monday June 8. The information is made available through the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council, which has been involved in the Ozone Action Program since 1995. On January 26, 2009, the program was re-launched as the Clean Air Action program. The new Clean Air Action program includes a public education campaign for ground level ozone pollution and particulate matter, as well as Clean Air Action Day notifications when either pollutant is expected to reach or exceed levels that are unhealthy for sensitive groups (USG). In addition to the display, there will be promotional materials for kids.

The Township Center will also have several paintings of local artist Sheryl Budnik on display. These paintings are part of a collection recently exhibited at Keeler Galleries, and feature painting of Alpine Township scenes. (“On the Ridge”) These paintings will be exhibited from Tuesday May 26 through Friday June 26.

These displays and exhibits are for your enjoyment, so please stop in anytime during normal office hours (8:00-500) and spend a few moments with us.
Sumac and New Trees

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