Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paths of Destruction

Alpine Township
Historical Commission
Open House
Sunday April 19, 2009

Photo Credit: Grand Rapids Herald

Alpine Twp. Historical Commission presents Earnest J. Ostuno on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the Alpine Community Bldg., 2015 Seven Mi. Rd. NW.
Mr. Ostuno compiled a book titled "PATHS OF DESTRUCTION: THE STORY OF WEST MICHIGAN'S WORST NATURAL DISASTER" in 2008. As a meterologist he knows a lot about tornado facts and history. The 1956 tornados traveled from Saugatuck to Holland and from Hudsonville to Lakeview. The catagory "4" is used at this time because of the depth of destruction seen and analyzed.

The Alpine Open House will begin shortly after 2PM with a video called "CHANGING WINDS" , which is about the 1956 tornado. Later, Earnest Ostuno will give a presentation with more photos on the 1956 tornado and some on the 1965 "Palm Sunday " tornado which tore through Alpine Township 44 years ago this month.

Mr. Ostuno is asking the public to bring personal photos, slides, home movies and news clippings to this event so that they can be scanned and preserved at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

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